Learning to Live
Hi, and thanks for visiting!

I'm a fairly boring guy, and this blog is a testament to that! I’m overly optimistic, but I’ll go through slumps every once in a while. I’ve been told I’m too nice, and it’s a good and bad thing. I have no self-esteem, and I'm 90% sure I'm an eggplant.

Some main fandoms: food, Kingdom Hearts, Journey, Dangan Ronpa, Animal Crossing, The Last of Us, Pokemon, Madoka Magica, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and food.

Teen wolf is probably the only non-anime thing I watch, and the thought of Stiles sad is my wolfsbane. get it get it get it?

Asushin is my OTP.
Sterek is my brOTP.

I have a few hobbies: piano, tennis, swimming, and drawing, but I'm not good at any of them. :(

Enjoy your stay! Feel free to send an ask whenever. Let’s be friends!

Just a note, this is a queue'd blog a good portion of the time. Just because I post doesn't necessarily mean I'm online; there are times when I'll be logged off for periods of time and won't respond to any asks, messages, or memes. That being said, if you've sent something, it won't be ignored, just replied to in the near future!


thefiveandten said: i am sending positive vibes your way to kick butt the negative ones! feel no shame, you are pillar of niceness for sure!! :)


thefiveandten said: ugh im so sorry! i like to imagine these ppl have tragic backstories to prevent myself from getting angry but usu. these ppl deserve to be told off.

It’s okay friend! All about keeping calm WHICH I WAS ABLE TO but it was still veeeery annoying. I take shame in feeling that.


Getting in shape with Chris Pratt

This entitled snob is getting on my case and being a poop for no reason and she is making it very hard to be a cool bean. >_

Why are people so annoying omg

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